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Lindsay Jean - Marie

One location across the Nation

Lindsay Jean-Marie

About Lindsay Jean-Marie:

Lindsay Jean-Marie is a Fashion Designer/Textile Artist, from Akron Ohio. After graduating from the University of Akron 15 years ago, she immediately started designing her own knitwear collection. She has been a full time Fashion Designer/Textile Artist for 15 years now. She travels all over the United States, selling her one of a kind knitwear collection, at the Best Art Shows in the Country. 

She has invented all of her own patterns, including her Signature Lindsay Flip Sweater. The Lindsay Flip Sweater, which she has all rights to, is the piece she is known for throughout the U.S.A. Why is it so special and unique?  It FLIPS! Simply wear the sweater long or FLIP upside down and wear short. You get two sweaters in one.

How Lindsay invented the FLIP Sweater :  

It was in 2006 when the idea formed in her creative mind. She developed the pattern for The LuLu Sweater, which is the short Fluffy style sweater. She was selling the sweater for over a year, they were selling off the racks, demand was growing faster every day. (still to this day, sales for The LuLu Sweater are incredible). Then one day, while in a hurry to meet some friends for dinner, she grabbed her favorite LuLu Sweater and Ran out the door. She got to the restaurant swung her gorgeous fluffy sweater over her shoulders and ran inside, as she approached the table, something stopped her in her tracks? The Sweater? The LuLu Sweater was not the short fluffy waste length sweater anymore, it was now a Long Floor Length Sweater. (Same Sweater) She accidentally FLIPPED her sweater upside down. This was when The Signature Lindsay Flip Sweater came to life. She had invented the pattern to a sweater that could be worn long or short, two sweaters in one. Just FLIP your FLIPSWEATER upside down !!!!! So she immediately started making the flip sweater, and the rest is history! She still to this day, she personally hand crafts each one of a kind sweater.

She also created a Lindsay Flip Vest, which is the same concept but a vest. Instead of knitting the vest, she has created a pattern, which she personally cuts and sews from unique materials. The materials range from soft jersey knits to bamboo silk prints, to chiffon silk prints. Her materials change all the time. 

Other masterpieces:

Along with hundreds of sweaters and vests to choose from, her collection keeps growing. She creates gorgeous knit ponchos, shawls, and vests. 

The Metal Pins: she needed something to hold her gorgeous creations together. Instead of adding buttons, she designed one of a kind metal pins. She personally bends and cuts each metal pin, then hammers each to perfection. You can not only use them to hold knitted garments together, but they work great on regular scarves, and as hair pins too!!

Goal: Lindsay Jean-Marie is an Amazing Textile Artist, and she takes great pride in each piece she creates. She knows how blessed she is with her creativity and her passion for her art is undeniable. When you meet her and her dynamic personality, you will never forget her. She has a heart of gold and loves showing the world how much she loves each masterpiece she creates. She Loves FLIPPING her sweater!! She believes every woman should owe a Lindsay FLIPSWEATER!! 

Lindsay Jean-Marie's goal, as a designer, has always been to encourage women to express themselves through wearing eclectic Wearable Art accessories. Be Originally You! Each unique piece has been created to bring sophistication and elegance to all of the confident women in the world. 

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May God Bless you with an abundance of love and happiness forever and ever!!

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